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Wolves This report is about wolves. Diet Deadly wolves are meat eaters which is a carnivore. Also, they eat enormous animals such as delicious dears, beautiful bison, gutted goats, funny fish, juicy magma red humans, boring birds, pecking pigeons. Wolves suck blood with their daggered long fangs like a vampire.    

Aveley Villa BY Katharine Sienna Terry Kristina
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Once you step into the incredible gates you will want to buy this house for 7001D. This can make your dreams come true. You wouldn’t want to miss out! This is a bargain so now its half price ! Would you want to go to the most astounding villa? This has slaves and people who do your […]

Experience in the hospital
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3RD December 2015 When I left school I went in my mums car and we made are way to the hospital and we had to do this paper and we waited in a children centre bit.We got called in and a doctor called  Redge said follow me I said okay. He said were does it […]

A football poem by Terry
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You can kick You can hand ball but only goalies You can score You can have a drink You can do this and that You can tackle You can wiggle wiggle your bottom You can have a joke You can do celebrations You can conga conga You can have an injury Hope you enjoyed my poem! […]

Take this word by Terry
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Take this word they sparkle in the night sky like stars. Take this word you have to light it first. Take this word they go bang pop. Take this word you could get big or small ones. Take this word they fly in the blue sky. Take this word you can see them multi colured. […]