Growing up
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Growing up is fun because you can try new things and you can teach other children life skills, that you have learnt. You start as a baby, growing into a child and then a teenager. At 18 you become an adult. When you’re an adult you may have your own kids, a house and a […]

PSHE with 4D
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This week in PSHE we have been talking about growing up and in particular why hygiene is important as we approach our teenage years.

How you should act at school.
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1.Make sure you have everything you need for school 2.Listen to other people work 3.Ignore the person who stopping you from doing your work 4.Do the right thing outside in the dinner hall and in class 5.Do not mess around wherever you are 6.Be sensible at school and never fight 7.Do not be rude 8.Be […]

How to be a team in class 4D…by ANGEL
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Work together as a team Work hard together Be a team Never give up Help each other Listen to each other Try your best Have a team work flower to see if we are working properly and get one

Last week was friendship week…
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We learnt a new game with Year 4. We also discussed what is important in friendship.