Alternative ending for Little Red riding hood
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Little Lime Bailey  The sun was just beginning to set when Little Lime Bailey cheerfully strolled up the concrete winding lane. Gracefully, she walked up to her grandmas huge new mansion. she knocked on the door with great force. THERE WAS NO ANSWER!!!! “Grandma are you there?” said Bailey worriedly. “Come in my sweetie,” Answered Grandma. She […]

Wolves Habitat
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Habitat The Jaw Punch, lives in a deep, dark, dingy forest. It has dead animals and cobwebs hanging from the trees. Jaw punch is as fast as lightning. He can travel up to 20km a day. This is where they hunt, sleep and play fight. The trees overlap the bright moon and then it becomes pitch […]

Magnificent maths
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Today, was a fantastic day in assembly. We had a Maths man come to show us how maths can be Magnificent and magical. We learnt that the number Quathuatguntillion even existed. Also we learnt that Google is also a  number. It is named after a searching app called Google.Dave showed us helpful learning things and […]

The church
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The church is a place where people pray to God and give hope to people. Christians believe in God and Jesus. In the church on a Sunday mass, they give out bread and wine. That is because he gave bread and wine to his disciples the night before the day he was killed. The bread […]

Creepy Birthday
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On my birthday my mum had a surprise for me. I was so exited and I couldn’t wait. I had no idea what the surprise was, then she said, ” So you don’t know what the surprise is, I am going to blind fold you until we get there!” Since I heard that I begged […]

Custard Dragon Poems by Dylan and Jessica
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Now the name  of the fat tango kitten was Ink, But the tall oak mouse, his name was Blink, And the  flat round dog wasn’t as sharp as mustard, But the ruby red dragon was an idiot, and she called him Custard By Dylan   Victoria snoozed in a gigantic violet house, With a massive […]

Science Show By Charlie L and Jessica
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Today, we had a visit from a Science company and we learnt that a Bat is the only mammal that can fly. We also learnt that the roots of a flower keeps the plant up. Also, we learnt that the leafs take in all of the nutrients to help it grow properly.

Explore Learning
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Yesterday, we had visitors from Explore Learning. We learnt about Roman Numerals and we had these special booklets we had to complete otherwise the angry governor would feed us to the hungry lions. It was epic! It was such a shame Miss Daly was not there. It was so fun.

Going to the zoo
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Today, I am going to a zoo because  I had good grades.  We zoomed there in our car and on the way, we saw wind tubines they where spinning so fast they made me dizzy. When we got there I could hear roars of a lion. As I joined the queue to get a ticket […]

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Dinosaurs lived about 65million years ago. They became extinct because a Meteor comet hit right were the dinosaurs were standing. It was so hot it started to burn thought the ground and it created so much dust it got into the dinosaurs lungs and that made them die. It can sometimes create carbon-dioxide. It was […]