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Appearance using similes
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Appearance Wolves are as soft as a clouds . Also, wolves have a nose that can smell miles away . Their eyes are as gold as a goldfish . Their teeth are as sharp as a knife . Their ears are as pointy as a  pencil-led .

World book day.
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I liked world book day because you got to see every ones entertaining costume. It was really hard to decide who’s costumes was the best. In out class everyone looked good but Charlie H’s costume was the greatest in the class.The school showed off their incredible costumes.

Blits villa
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Come to the best blits villa ever because of the bargain price of 4430d. As soon as you step into the shiny silver sparkly gates.With the super statue and the flower fountain.The villa is sparkly white. 10 slaves will guide you around and help you on your way, they will treat you like a movie star.

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Is dark purple. We all hate this time. Slowly glides up. Is friends with the galaxy. Closes its eyes after a long day. Scares people in the woods.