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Electricity is something that comes from power plants. These are part of the electricity family. There are cells, lightbulbs, wires, motor, buzzer, and one battery.     These are all apart of electricity!

The teamwork flower
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In 4D, we have been trying to complete the teamwork flower.It involves working as a team ,some people don’t like to do that.   Can we do it ?

Smartest kid in the school
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  One day, there was this boy called Dylan. He was the smartest boy in the class.  “I wish I could be as smart as Dylan,” whispered Harrison.  “Guess what!” replied Jack.  “Dylan knows 12×20 nobody knows that do they?” Questioned Harrison  The following day the class did grammar hammer and Dylan got 19/25, he […]

Music is so much fun
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In music this half term we have been learning how to read music.   What note are you best at playing? What slide position is an ‘C’? What is your favourite instrument and why? Would you like to be a musician when you are older?  

Chad Villa
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For a bargain price of 7501 denaris, you can join your friends by living the life in a beautiful Roman villa; LIKE THIS ONE!¬†You will love it here in this spacious house/villa, because there are so many slaves there to help pitch in with all the hustle and bustle: cleaning, and making food! The toilets […]

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Romans lived years ago. They had Roman soldiers. They had Roman empires. They are lots of things to know about Romans. most of the Romans lived in Rome. Romans are dead because they lived a long time ago. The language we used today was developed from the Romans. The Romans spoke and wrote in Latin […]

Take this word
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drives a ship he has yellow teeth he has lots of horrid horribale ship mates he has dark red and light white cloths he has black hair and a black hat with some skulls he has a long black beard he will make you run away from sea