Discovery centre books
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Since September 4D have been joined by numerous story builders from the Discovery Centre. We have also been lucky enough to attend a trip at the Discovery Centre in London. We worked as a team to create our book Disco Mayhem – Our books have now been published!!   

Trip to the Discovery Centre
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World book day.
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I liked world book day because you got to see every ones entertaining costume. It was really hard to decide who’s costumes was the best. In out class everyone looked good but Charlie H’s costume was the greatest in the class.The school showed off their incredible costumes.

What have you been asked to do?
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4D’s Night Zoo Keeper blog
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Please follow the link to look at some our magical blog posts.

Creating magical animals with 4D
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Designing our very own set of magical gates
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4D explore scenes of the book Roman Invasion through Drama.
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Roman Invasion
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 In English today we discussed Bran’s choices. Should he escape and save his family?  

Going to the zoo
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Today, I am going to a zoo because  I had good grades.  We zoomed there in our car and on the way, we saw wind tubines they where spinning so fast they made me dizzy. When we got there I could hear roars of a lion. As I joined the queue to get a ticket […]