Instructions how to make a chair.
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How to make a chair. You will need: -Two flat pieces of wood -A cushion -Four legs chair legs -A packet of screws -A stapler How to make it? First, put the flat piece of wood on the ground. Then, put a chair leg on top and put the screws in on either side. Repeat […]

The teamwork flower
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In 4D, we have been trying to complete the teamwork flower.It involves working as a team ,some people don’t like to do that.   Can we do it ?

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Wolves are the largest dog breed from all over the world. Some people adore them but some people don’t.   Appearance Wolves have a long ,thick waterproof coats that comes in an array of colours. Their ears are floppy and furry but upright like Big Ben. They have 42 huge ice white teeth as sharp as […]

In class, we have been learning a poem that gives you ways to get pocket money. Outof all of them, the two main reasons are: SMILE SAY PLEASE If you were trying to get pocket money, what will you do?

Music is so much fun
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In music this half term we have been learning how to read music.   What note are you best at playing? What slide position is an ‘C’? What is your favourite instrument and why? Would you like to be a musician when you are older?  

Custard Dragon Poems by Dylan and Jessica
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Now the name  of the fat tango kitten was Ink, But the tall oak mouse, his name was Blink, And the  flat round dog wasn’t as sharp as mustard, But the ruby red dragon was an idiot, and she called him Custard By Dylan   Victoria snoozed in a gigantic violet house, With a massive […]

Uptown Funk dance PE
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In dance we done a dance to Uptown Funk. We especially liked the new moves that we used. What was your favourite?

Class survey
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In 4D, we have been looking at surveys. Some questions that you could ask are: How old are you? What year did you join Aveley Primary School? Do you have any brothers or sisters? What was your favourite year at school? We then made bar charts on excel and learnt how to customise our charts. IT […]

The ADBM Villa
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Welcome to ADBM villa which is the most popular place the universe! As you come through the brilliant bronze gates, you will feel like you are in paradise. You will see a statue of Julius Caesar, a gleaming white wall. There is a slave for every part of the room, even a security guard. The crystal clear swimming […]

Balloon Poem
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Take this word ,moves as slow as a snail. Take this word ,would make a certain noise. Take this word ,makes your voice go squeaky. Take this word ,would pop to the sky if you let it go. Take this word ,make your hair stick up. Take this word ,give you an ear ache. Take […]