4D explore scenes of the book Roman Invasion through Drama.
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Aveley Primary School Christmas Production
Friday December 11th 2015, 3:44 pm  Tagged ,
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Hurry! Tickets are nearly all sold out for…

OuR cHrIsTmAs PrOdUcTiOn
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This year, the wonderful 4D’s Christmas production will be based on Home Alone! 🙂 I am a taxi driver, that drives the family too their holiday, and it will be really very  fun! What is your ChRiStMaS production based on?! By Daniella 🙂

Gangsta Granny!
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Hiyaaaa! I’ve just come back from seeing an epic theatre production of Gangster Granny, proffesionally known as Gangsta Granny, and I don’t know if this sounds weird or something…. BUT THE THEATRE PRODUCTION WAS AMAZING! Who knew that theatre pantomimes could blow your socks off ?!! If you went to the Gangsta Granny theatre production, […]