Have A Good Summer
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Dear Miss Daly, I miss you so much. All of the past days i have been thinking about you and every night in my dreams i have wonderful dreams of everyone working very hard. I know that we all need a break and a little long break every once in a while, but even now […]

Daniella Riddle 2
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I am very small. I am not an minibeast though. And I am also not a number. I am used in writing. What am I?

Bye Bye Year 4 A Perfect Poem By Daniella
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Tomorrow we are finding out our new teachers and I am so excited! But if it is not miss daly i will cry and probably get blinded! Miss Daly is not going out of this school, because she is never ever cruel! Bye BYE YEAR 4…………………. WE WILL NEVER FORGET SOMEONE LIKE YOU MISS DALY! […]

Our New Teacher
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Today, was the big news! We found out our new teacher! Our new teacher was not in today, so Mrs Lynn covered for them! Guess who they are: They are a man. He currently taught year 5. He is very funny. He has short black hair. Guess who?

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Hello! And this is 4d news- end of  summer term 2 edition! Join me as I tell you about 4d’s amazing treat. They have unsurprisingly completed their 5th teamwork petal! As this is the 2nd news report, we have a lot of other things to catch up on! First of all, Phillip one of our […]

Pros and Cons about Flextangles
Tuesday July 12th 2016, 4:55 pm  Tagged
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Making Flextangles may be amazing but there is only on e thing that I am sure everyone does not like about them! here is a list of pros and cons about them. Pros They are very very fun!😝 You can show them off to your friends!👭 You can make them look like what ever you […]

Daniella Riddle
Monday July 11th 2016, 11:39 am  Tagged
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I am often found at the start of the sentence. i am not a fronted adverbial though! I am often found in instructions. I have a preferred name! WHAT am I?

Time Has Gone Quick! 🏃
Monday July 11th 2016, 11:35 am  Tagged
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Daniella here again! And I’m now in 4D with lovely Miss Daly! Surprisingly, time has gone fast quite quick! So that means…………. (DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!!!) It’s nearly the holidays!! ( Celebrate good times c’mon!) Six weeks off School in about 2 weeks! Last year I went to Splendid Spain, Gran Canaria with my fabulous family! Who […]

My Extra Homework
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Cities Of England London Manchester Birmingham Bristol Leeds Liverpool Sheffield Leicester Brighton Norwich And last but not least, Bath!  

The Grotesque Monster…….. Pt 3
Monday July 11th 2016, 11:33 am  Tagged
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“ Natalie! Come on darling, time to wake up!” called a  posh voice, in a fancy, british accent. It was her mum!  All that time, she had just been in a dream! It was time to go downstairs and have breakfast, but she didn’t know who was waiting for her downstairs…. That day, Natalie had […]