Bradley’s write to improve
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Diet Wolves eat any type of meat.SO BEWARE they eat humans body  but only when they feel peckish! Wolves eat fast, furious, fragile fish, brown, beavers and massive mammals. 

Creepy Birthday
Friday May 27th 2016, 2:27 pm  Tagged ,
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On my birthday my mum had a surprise for me. I was so exited and I couldn’t wait. I had no idea what the surprise was, then she said, ” So you don’t know what the surprise is, I am going to blind fold you until we get there!” Since I heard that I begged […]

The ADBM Villa
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Welcome to ADBM villa which is the most popular place the universe! As you come through the brilliant bronze gates, you will feel like you are in paradise. You will see a statue of Julius Caesar, a gleaming white wall. There is a slave for every part of the room, even a security guard. The crystal clear swimming […]